Sephora Pearl Face Mask😊

Hello my beautiful angels,

Today am going to review / first impressions on sephora pearl face mash basically a sheet mask.

Was really excited to try this sheet mask cos there were lot of good reviews going about this on the Internet. There are different variants available in sephora sheet mask,  I took the pearl one as it was mentioned as “perfecting & brightening” which attracted me😁.

This is my first sheet mask. I have not tried anything before this one so I was a bit skeptical and imaging things whether it will suit my skin? will it lead to any breakouts?πŸ˜•.  But went a head and tried it πŸ˜‰.

Opened the pack and took out the face mask which was attached with another layer of sheet. Removed the additional sheet carefully cos I don’t want it to tear my pearl mask. The face mask was fully soaked with the serum.  Inside pack also small amount of serum was available 😎 .We can use the extra serum to be used in hand and legsπŸ˜‚ he he.

So washed my face with mild soap and placed the face mask carefully to my face. It had a mild smell some kind of floral i guess which is big thumbs up because it dnt want anything which is heavily perfumed to my face. Waited for 15 mins as mentioned and took it off. Still the mask was wet and lot of serum was there in my face also. Massaged the serum to my face. To my surprise the serum didn’t get absorbed into my face πŸ™ didn’t know why. After that I just squeezed the mask and lot of serum came from the mask tried to use that to my neck hands and legs. It was like applying excess oil to my skin and my skin didn’t even absorb it…. y y y πŸ˜₯😞.

Tried to keep the serum to the applied areas and thought to sleep with it but it was very uncomfortable so washed it off😒.  So after washing my face it didn’t really see any brightening effect and all. My face looked the same as it was. Bit disappointed,  not sure whether it is mask or I took a wrong variant for my skin type. BTW I have combination skin type.

Had lot of hopes, but it failed for me. Thank God that it didn’t break me out. During the 15mins when I was having the mask on my face it was bit relaxing that’s all πŸ™ nothing else.

  • Price : 430 rps.

Have any of you angels tried these mask,  what is your opinion on these. Let me know in the comments section.

Hope this review might be useful for u all.  If u angels love it dnt forget to comment, share and follow my blog❀️.

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