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How are you all. Diwali is around the corner hope every one is excited. New dresses👗,  sweets🍬🍭 and obviously crackers 🌌🎇🎆🎉🎊. It’s such a fun filled festival. Only sad part is,  it comes on weekend why? 😤😣🙁.

  1. One of the expensive fails is when we buy the wrong foundation shade. And it is very common because of the lighting in the shop and all that jazz or buying foundation online. So what will you do when u buy  the foundation in lighter shade?. If ur shade is one or two shades lighter than ur skin tone then use small amount of the foundation so that it will just cover ur face and neck (don’t ever forget ur neck area)  dab the foundation with ur beauty blender then give the foundation few minutes to set in your face after that just take ur compact which is your correct shade and dust it all over your face.And that all.  This will definitely work.
  2. Hmm ok,  but what about if the foundation shade is darker. For this u can do face contour with the darker shade.  Do ur face normally with ur correct shade foundation then take ur darker foundation and with ur beauty blender contour your face then set with your compact. Now you are good to go 😁.
  3. Matte lipstick is everyone’s must have. We love our lipsticks which will turn our face instantly bright. But what about our lips we ignore them 😐, it will become dry😥. Before applying makeup apply thick layer of lip balm to ur lips then do ur face, and before applying the lipstick blot the lip balm with a tissue and then apply ur fav matte lipstick.
  4. After removing ur lippy before going to bed, gently scrub your lips (pls be gentle) with ur wet toothbrush and rinse it up. And apply you fav lip balm and 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴. So next morning u will get baby soft lips 💋.
  5. Want matte lipstick but u have glossy lipstick. No problem just apply ur glossy lipstick take a tissue paper place it on ur lips apply some loose powder with the help of ur brush or beauty blender and Viola u have ur Matte lips. Repeat it as per ur color satisfaction.

Hope it will be useful.

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