Gala of London Long Stay Lip Color – Passion

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How are you all?. How is Lyf going on? I hope everyone is having a great Lyf.

Today am going to review about the Gala of London Long Stay Lip Color – Passion.So I got to know abt this brand by one of my favourite YouTuber, from  that time onwards I was hunting for this lip color in Nykaa (One of the best site for beauty related products) . Always this particular color will be in “Out of Stock”😠. Checked after a few days but still it was not available. Then one fine day, i was purchasing some other product and checked this one finally this shade was available without any second thought I ordered this one😅💄.

Was eagerly waiting for the arrival of this one 🙃🙃🙃. And yes it came to my hands.

Let me tell you my first experience,  with all the excitement I opened this lippy. To my surprise I was not able  to open the cap it was very tight, with all my pressure I finally opened the product.

I was shocked, you guys can see from the above pics what I meant. The cap was soo tight it looks as if it was glued together😑.

Overall packaging is okish, it could be better but for the money you pay we can’t expect more. Went ahead and tried this lippy. Color payoff is excellent really loved this color. Texture wise it is like normal liquid lipstick.

But the sad part is it dries your lips so bad 😨 . I mean I know it is a matte lippy and I love matte lipstick a lot. All matte liquid lipsticks do dry our lips but this one is extreme. I just applied the lipstick it dried within seconds but after it dried I felt like I have nail polish on my lips 😑😦.

Such a beautiful color but it is a big NO NO for me. I don’t want my lips to suffer. I am not sure I got a defect product or not.But seriously guys I was not happy. And I am not sure what am going to do with this.

  • Price : 170
  • Color Payoff : Gorgeous
  • Smell : Typical chemical smell 😥
  • Stay : After applying it, I immediately took it off. So I could not comment on this part.
  • Texture : Normal to very very dry.
  • Hit or Miss : Miss
  • Removal : It’s a pain to remove this.

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