DIY Hair Colouring in a Natural Way❤️🙋💟😘

Hello Beautiful ladies,

Today am going to review product ??? hmmm nope 🙃. We are going to know about Hair colouring DIY.

Yup I guess most of the ladies love to color their hair, Of course I love to do. But if we think about the chemicals used 😵😲 in those products… i will take a step back in the decision of colouring my hair. And that too we need to maintain the coloured hair using separate shampoo and conditioner 😕 which is again loaded with chemicals. There are few people like me who want to experiment hair with colours but fear about chemicals. So, to avoid all such dramas I tried this method to naturally colour my hair.


  • I have dark black color hair so the products used will show color only on natural light or sun light.
  • If u angels have light color hair please do a patch test for the color before you apply it to ur entire scalp or hair.

Ingredients / Thing Needed 📝:

  • Mehendi / Henna Powder
  • Lemon
  • Beetroot Juice
  • Tea extract
  • Iron Pan/Bowl basically anything made in iron for preparing the mixture


Take your tea powder add required amount of water and boil it, and make the tea Decoction ☕️ .

Take beetroot and juice it🍷.

Take the pure Mehendi powder approximately 6 to 7 spoons🥄 (measurement can be adjusted as per you need).

Now, Take the Iron Bowl or a pan add the mehendi powder,  tea extract, beetroot juice and lemon juice (around 4 to 5 drops). Mix everything till it becomes a thick paste.

Note: If you want to get a burgundy colour add the beetroot juice more than the tea extract.

Once your mixture comes to the required consistency neither too running nor too solid like perfect paste kind of consistency. Then u should cover the iron bowl and leave it over night 🕛🕒🕓🕧🕗🕙🕛.

This allows the mixture to react with the iron bowl and gives the required colour to it.  Next day morning if u see ur mixture,  it will be thick and it forms a top black colour layer👌🏻. Now put ur gloves to avoid stain in ur hands and apply the mixture to your hair. Cover ur hair with any shower cap 🏊🏻‍♀️or a plastic wrapper.

Wait till your applied product is dry. Rinse ur hair with a normal shampoo. The colour may not be visible instantly but it will show up gradually👍🏻. And if u do this mask may be 2 weeks once or as per your need, ur hair will show up the colour 😘. The colour you get will be brownish or burgundy it depends on your hair.

Added benefit is mehendi or henna is a natural conditioner for ur hair. So ur hair will be silky soft after ur hair wash❤️👩🏼. And this will be good for people who have little grey hair, instead of dying ur hair this might be a good alternative but it will not give u instant colour like those hair colouring dyes. As I already said will show up colour gradually only. All depends upon your choice my angels.

Hope my DIY would be useful to all my lovely readers😍.

Until next tym,


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