DIY Lip Scrub for Soft, Pink and Healthy lips 👄 

Hello Beautiful Ladies😍,

Today, I will be telling you all a very natural way to make your lips 👄soft and kissable😚😘😙💋. And yes, it is “DIY” (I Know, you all would have read the title already 😝) . The second most important part or feature in our face is our Lips👄, BTW the first is our beautiful EYES 👁👁. So to make our lips more beautiful we use lipsticks, lip tints 💄. Oh! i forget about the liquid lipsticks, it has become an addiction for us. Matte, semi matte, soft matte awwww❤️ All the angel out there love to wear liquid lipstick and rock 💃🏻the world. But have we ever cared about our lips🤔 ?. Yes, i know i can hear you all saying 📣 “we are caring, we are using lip balms”. Lip balms are important to make our lips hydrating.

But hydration alone is not sufficient, we need to exfoliate our lips to remove all the dead skin. Especially, those who love to wear lipsticks everyday. Exfoliation of lips not only remove the dead skin, it will also make our lips to be soft & supple.

For healthy looking lips, Scrubbing ur lips once in a weak is important. So to make our lip scrub we need 📝📝📝

  • Sugar – 1 teaspoon
  • Ghee – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Beetroot juice – 1 teaspoon

 So Basically we need to mix the sugar,ghee and the beetroot juice and make out lip scrub. (There is no specific measurement, it can be adjusted as per ur need but don’t dilute the sugar as we need the sugar granules help in exfoliation). That’s all guy, it simple,easy and super affordable. 

Gently massage this mixture to ur lips in circular motion for about 4️⃣ to 5️⃣ mins. And wash ur lips in luke warm water. Then, apply ur favorite lip balm.

Try to scrub ur lips at night before u sleep. So that the next morning when u wake up u will have soft and healthy lips👌🏻. All the ingredients used in our scrub are natural, so if ur a person like me,  who will eat the scrubs while exfoliating😜….No Problem😊.  We all know the goodness of beetroot it will work magic especially in skin care, it will make our lips naturally soft and pink.

Added benefit😍, if we apply some beetroot juice to ur lips @ night without adding anything to it, definitely u could see some results in ur lip pigmentation and reduction of lip lines☺️. But it will take its own sweet time, it won’t show off the results instantly as it is natural product.

Do try this scrub, and it will definitely work👍🏻. Don’t forget to comment,share and follow my blog in social media.

Until next tym,


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