Coloressence Compact Powder – CP 2 Ivory Beige 😘

Hello Everyone 😍,

Today am going to review about a product which is super affordable❤️. And a must have product 😘.

Recently, I have been getting lot of request for affordable compact powder.  So girls this is it. I have been using Mac Studio Fix Compact and I loved it too bits. I am still using it but I was bit skeptical to put MAC compact in my bag and roam around… What if it breaks 😲 ??? it will be my worst nightmare so to avoid all those problems. I started to carry my favorite Faces Compact Powder and it was really very good 😉 I have reviewed this compact here.

Then discovered this baby, initially I was bit confused 🤔🙄  whether this will suit my skin or not, but I need to say I am totally impressed with this product 😇. And am currently in love with this.

So in this range,  it has 3 shades to choose from :

  • Pinkish Beige CP 1
  • Ivory Beige CP 2
  • Dusky CP 3

If u angels find ur perfect match,  then do get and try this product. You will never get disappointed.

Shades CP 2 & CP 3 have yellow 💛 undertone to it. And it will match most of the skin tones perfectly. The above pic is CP 2.

I have not yet tried CP 1, I guess from the name it will be more of pink undertone than yellow.

This compact is finely milled and it is not at all chalky, I personally love ❤️ this compact powder as it is so affordable and works really great👌. One of the best feature of this compact is…. it will instantly “brightens up”  ur face, which I think is a great plus for an compact powder. And I does stay for a longer time.

The only major issue I face with this compact is the packing 🙁. There is mirror added to the compact which is nice but it’s in wrong place. I feel it difficult to take the product from the powder pan, then flip over the powder pan and get to see the mirror. From the above pic, I guess u angels would have got the idea what am trying to explain 😂. And I hardly use this mirror.

Other than this I have no complains about this baby. BTW it has powder puff which is OK for touch ups.

Price : 160 rps

Quantity : 10 gms

Pros 🙂:

  • Affordable
  • Brightening
  • Finely milled great quality
  • Long stay
  • Not heavy or chalky
  • Sits like ur second skin
  • We can use daily
  • Won’t cause breakouts
  • Good for oily skin
  • Availability

Cons 🙁:

  • Mirror position in the compact
  • Packing could have been improved might break if out drop (Not a con for me…. for the cost it good)

Final Verdict 😎:

Overall a very good Compact for daily use and it’s super duper affordable🤑.

If you angels wish to get this product , please click on the below ⬇️ link:

Coloressence Compact Powder – CP 2 Ivory Beige

Coloressence Compact Powder – CP 3 Dusky

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